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Mosaic South Asian Heritage Festival Chevrolet Sponsorship



Experiential Design/ Graphic Design/ Art Direction

Agency: MacLaren McCann

Chevrolet sponsored the 2014 Mosaic South Asian Heritage Festival in alignment with its Canadian and global multicultural brand positioning. The weeklong festival attracts 70,000 visitors, featuring a film festival, outdoor live performances and commercial vendors. Chevrolet’s offering of accessible and fun family vehicles created an opportunity to engage with attendees.


To create a relevant and positive brand experience, Chevrolet took center stage in a Bollywood inspired live display. A rich and colourful set showcased Chevrolet vehicles while a tailored photoshoot activation created an immersive experience within the vibrant festival.


Guests became the stars in uniquely customized Bollywood movie posters, featuring the iconic Chevrolet Camaro. Participants personalized their posters through a digital menu before hopping into the convertible for their photoshoot. Final posters were digitally emailed to participants who were encouraged to share them on social media.

Photography: Richard Budman / Set Decoration: Setscapes

Entrance graphic - wall flat

Activation site - daytime

Activation site - evening

Photography: Richard Budman / Scenic Painter: Patrice Roy

Chevrolet Cruze - painted mural backdrop

Concept sketches for artist's final mural paintings

Activation site flag markers

Photoshoot signage

Photography: Richard Budman

Photoshoot tent - Greenscreen backdrop & dash mounted camera

Bollywood poster customization app

Custom poster instantly finalized and emailed to participants 

Poster logo designs: Geoff Mack

Poster Mock-ups - Customizable genre, background & scene

Chevrolet's Be a Bollywood Star Poster

Final email with customized event poster

2014 Mosaic Chevrolet CSR Event Wardrobe
2014 Mosaic Festival Chevrolet Wardrobe

CSR event wardrobe

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