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Pig Out Booth
2012 Pest Pong Bayer Cropscience
2013 Women's Hockey Championship
2014 Mosaic Festival
2013 Caribbean Carnival
Carte Blanche Contest - Camp Ooch
Bayer Cropscience
2013 Suhaag Wedding Show
2014 Amazing Race Canada
About Me
Slava Toth Portfolio website

It's universally agreed that I'm a tall lady. Although scientifically possible, I'm not actually good at basketball, but I'm excellent at seeing over crowds. 


When I'm not busy getting stuff off of high shelves, my mind is set on design. A graduate of Ryerson's Interior Design program, my work has crossed disciplines to include interior, experiential, event and graphic design.

I love to create. Let's get started.









Tel: 647-205-3373

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